1952 Up to now

1952 :: Foundation

Josef Beese (Chartered Engineer), establishes the EMZ Elektro-Maschinen-Zentrale GmbH in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany.

1972 :: New location

EMZ move from Mülheim an der Ruhr to Recklinghausen. The new premises cover more than 20,000 m2. Of this area alone 4,000 m2 are used for warehouses, a further 1,000 m2 for the workshops and 600 m2 serve as office space.

1988 :: Second Managing Director.

Engelbert Rataj (Chartered Engineer), is appointed EMZ?s second Managing Director.

1996 :: Second Generation

After the demise of the company's founder, Josef Beese, his son, Stefan Beese (Chartered Engineer) aged 24 takes control of the company.

1997 :: New markets.

The subsidiary, EMZ France, is founded in France.

2000 :: On the road to success

EMZ exceed the DM 10 million sales mark (equivalent to 5.4 million).

2001 :: New product range

Start of production of EMK low-voltage motors.

2006 :: Increased turnover

EMZ exceed the 10 million mark.

2007 :: More room for expansion

Our headquarters in Recklinghausen are extended to include additional office space. The erection of a two-story building provides more room for our sales staff. Meanwhile, EMZ France move to a new company building in Cernay.

2008 :: More room more capacity

EMZ expand the production and workshop area to 800 m2 and a large 700 m2 warehouse with three HGV loading ramps is erected, thus optimising and extending our logistics processes. 

2010 :: Expansion of corporate management.

Benedikt Mathiaszyk (Chartered Engineer) is appointed third Managing Director of EMZ. Expansion of the large machines and projects sector.

2011 :: New record-breaking turnover

With a 30 per cent increase in sales compared to last year, EMZ achieved a new record of 17.5 million.

2012 :: New markets in Switzerland

EMZ takes over Unitec AG, a Swiss company with a long tradition and is now trading under the new
name EMZ Unitec AG

2014 :: Expansion of test capacity

Inauguration of the new large‐engine test facility in Recklinghausen. The facility has a capacity up to
6,000 kW and 13,200 V.

2015 :: ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate

EMZ receives the certification for the following areas: development and project planning, production,
sales, commissioning, service and repair of electric drives and systems.

2016 :: Environmentally conscious

EMZ now operates according to the principle of the “paperless office”.