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Donation to the Kinderhospiz Freundeskreis e.V. in Dorsten

Recklinghausen, December 22, 2021

In October 2021, our EMZ team cycled over 1,300 km in the bicycle challenge. For each kilometre cycled, € 0.50 went into a donation pot, which the EMZ rounded up. On 22 December 2021, our Managing Director Deniz Beese and Kathrin Wieneke, Management Assistant, personally presented this donation of € 1,000.00 to the children's and young people's bereavement counsellor Petra Lessnow and Lambert Lütkenhorst, Chairman of the Board of Hospiz Freundeskreis e.V. in Dorsten.

Since 2002, the Hospiz Freundeskreis e.V. in Dorsten has been collecting donations for the outpatient hospice service as well as the palliative care unit of the Dorsten hospital to enable terminally ill people and their relatives to improve their care and to help them cope with their grief. Here, families and especially children and young people are given a familiar space to work through their grief due to experienced dying processes or other losses.

We are pleased to have brought joy to this great association at the end of the year through the sustainable and social commitment of our employees!


Overhaul of a 20-Ton Slip-Ring Rotor

Recklinghausen, 30. August 2012

In July our EMZ engineers removed a slip-ring rotor from a cement works in the Netherlands for a major overhaul

With a weight of 20 tons, an output of 1,700 kW and an operating voltage of 10,000 V, this mill drive was no lightweight. The EMZ service team travelled to the Netherlands to partially disassemble the rotor on site and then to prepare it for carriage on a special heavy-duty transporter.

Using a mobile crane, the drive was then placed on a special flat-bed trailer and transported to the workshop, to receive a new rotor and stator coil.

At the same time, the drive will be modified so that the existing carbon-brush lifting appliance is replaced by permanently-mounted carbon brushes. To this purpose, a new slip-ring housing must be calculated and constructed for the new application.

EMZ take over Unitec AG, Switzerland

Recklinghausen, 30. Juli 2012

On 25 July 2012, EMZ GmbH announced the takeover of Unitec AG?s business activities. Since 01 August 2012, the new subsidiary, based in Pfungen, Switzerland, trades under the company name EMZ-Unitec AG.

Serge Sutter, EMZ?s Key Account Manager in the Swiss market since 2010, will take on the role of Managing Director.

Unitec AG have worked in the field of electric drive technology for 50 years and have established themselves as one of the leading suppliers in the Swiss market. With the takeover, EMZ strengthen their activities in Switzerland.

Unitec AG?s present product palette is enhanced and supplemented by EMZ?s products. Customers now have access to a very wide range of products that includes high-voltage motors, Siemens motors and transformers.

Thanks to the large warehouse in Switzerland, our customers will now benefit from shorter delivery times and faster processing on site.


The EMZ exhibition was a great success

Recklinghausen, 27. Juni 2012

On 21 June 2012 the electrical motors? specialist EMZ held their "Summer Magic" trade fair in Recklinghausen.

Approximately 250 guests arrived on that day to attend interesting technical presentations and a comprehensive product exhibition. The visitors were enchanted by summery entertainments and our international star attraction, the magician Nicolai Friedrich.

The EMZ summer event impressed the public with renowned exhibitors and speakers. An inviting and summery atmosphere rounded off the whole event. The trade-fair partners Siemens, Status Pro, Lenze, NORTH DRIVE SYSTEMS, Knust and MKS-Anlasser provided interesting technical presentations and a comprehensive product exhibition.

In addition to the magical in-house fair EMZ had yet another reason to rejoice: The Recklinghausen-based company celebrate their 60th corporate anniversary this year. Mr Stefan Beese, the managing director, declared in his opening speech to the public: "With this special event, we would like to thank our clients, partners and employees for their dedication."

Another highlight was a number of performances by the magician, Nicolai Friedrich. Apart from a final stage appearance, he also hosted the entire event and amazed the guests with his magic tricks. The visitors were ecstatic. Mr Stefan Beese went on to say: "My goal for our event was to send our clients home well-informed and well-entertained. The positive feedback from the customers clearly confirmed the success of this event."

EMZ inaugurate their new service office

Recklinghausen, 13. April 2012

After a two-month construction phase, EMZ inaugurate their new and completely modernised service office.

The open-plan facility offers ample space for good communication. There are additional separate meeting rooms, which also serve as a quiet sanctum.

The new premises cover an area of approximately 120m² and are linked to the EMZ workshops. According to Mr Dirk Recksiek, EMZ?s Workshop and Service Manager, we will all benefit from the new office thanks to shorter communication channels and an ideal connection to our Workshop Team.

EMZ Achieve a Record High in 2011

Recklinghausen, 13. Januar 2012

In 2011 EMZ recorded a growth in sales of over 30 per cent more than in the previous year and conclude the fiscal year with a yield of 17.5 million Euros.

This formidable increase in turnover was not achieved solely through the sale of more heavy machinery; the marked boost in sales of low-voltage EKM motors also played a significant role in this success story.

EMZ are one of the largest Solutions? Partners of Siemens Motors in Germany. Thanks to competent consultation, fast processing of orders and a sound pricing structure, the company could expand the distribution of Siemens motors considerably. The powerful leverage provided by the very favourable economic situation played a part in the remarkable growth.

The outlook for 2012
In light of the debt crisis, it is very difficult to make a forecast for 2012. A national bankruptcy ? as could affect Greece, for example ? can quickly become a reason for yet another recession. As long as the company are spared such scenarios, the new fiscal year can be greeted with a positive attitude.

Conclusion: from a recession to a solid increase in turnover ? everything is possible. However, one tends to expect a slighter growth of the economy. Thanks to a very solid financial position, EMZ are very well equipped to cope with a new recession.

EMZ Deliver 17-Ton Motor by Air Freight

Recklinghausen, 15. Oktober 2013

In August 2013 EMZ delivered a high-voltage slip-ring motor by air freight to the island of La Réunion in the Indian Ocean

In August 2013, our subsidiary in Cernay/France received an emergency call from a sugar factory in the French overseas department of La Reunion.

Our customer was in trouble: one of the two slip-ring motors of a tandem drive had failed. The motors drive a cane shredder that is used for the factories entire sugar production.

Because the breakdown occurred during the sugar campaign, and cane sugar cannot be stored but must be processed immediately after harvesting, speed was of the essence.

A matching slip-ring motor from EMZ's stock was modified by our workshop team within four working days and adapted to the tandem drive. The air freight delivery was organised in close co-operation with our customer and our logistic's partner. The air-freight packing for the 17,000 kg heavy engine was custom-built according to Air France Cargo's requirements.

The express transportation of the 2,500 kW slip-ring motor commenced by lorry from Recklinghausen to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris and then by aeroplane on Air France Cargo on a journey of over 10,000 kilometres to the operational site on Reunion Island.

Express delivery for a power plant in North Rhine Westphalia

Recklinghausen, 10. September 2013

On a Friday afternoon in a power plant in the heart of the Ruhr region, a sudden failure of a 1,080 kW motor weighing six tons occurred. The Recklinghausen-based company, EMZ, came to the rescue and repaired the damage in just under 24 hours.

The unusual high-voltage motor with its output of 1,080 kW operates a pump on the industrial site. A prolonged failure of this engine would have meant a partial shutdown of the power plant. Thus, it was vital to find a solution as fast as possible. Mr Stefan Beese, the Managing Director of EMZ, told us: "Our service personnel were on site within an hour to collect all the technical data and to find a solution together with the operator." EMZ had a suitable motor in stock and it was adapted to the specific requirements in EMZ?s workshop, fitted immediately on site and put into operation.

At EMZ, deliveries at short notice are part of day-to-day business. Mr Stefan Beese went on to explain: "Our customers know that, in the event of a failure, they can rely on us to arrange a quick replacement. It is not just about the reliable delivery of a product; technical advice and the possibility of adapting motors in EMZ?s own workshop to suit the customer?s requirements at short notice are equally important."

Urgent air-freight delivery for a Chinese cement plant

Recklinghausen, 22. Mai 2013

In March 2013, EMZ delivered a brand-new high-voltage motor for an induced-draught fan to a Chinese cement plant by air.

Thanks to the high availability of stock, EMZ provided a suitable motor immediately. Their service team modified it and, within just two days, the machine with its adapted terminal boxes was flown to China.

The perfect co-operation of logistics with the air-freight company allowed the Chinese customer to restart production only one week after the breakdown. .

Three-phase squirrel-cage motor

  • Fabrikat: EMZ
  • Type: AKR 400-06
  • Leistung: 500 kW
  • Spannung: 6.600 V
  • Drehzahl: 992 U/min.
  • Schutzart: IP55
  • Kühlart: IC411

EMZ high-voltage motors catalogue

Recklinghausen, 21. März 2013

We are pleased to present you our new high-voltage motors catalogue. You will be glad to find interesting reports all around large drives.

Kindly inform yourself about our EMZ high-voltage motors: we do not only offer squirrel-cage- and slipring motors, but also customised solutions for your individual requirements. Moreover, you will also find information about our soft- and resistant starters as well as our medium-voltage frequency converters.

You can download our latest catalogue here:

Download EMZ high-voltage catalogue

Naturally, we will send you our catalogue also in printed form. Please send catalogue requests to: marketingemzde

2,400 kW slip-ring motor for a raw-mill drive in Estonia

Recklinghausen, 23. Januar 2013

In November 2012, EMZ delivered a new 2,400 kW slip-ring motor to a cement plant in Estonia and put it into successful operation.

The motor replaced a defective drive and, with its customised foot dimensions and terminal-box positions for stator and rotor terminal boxes, it is designed to be interchangeable.

  • Identical installation dimensions
  • Identical terminal-box positions
  • Installation and start-up by EMZ employees in Estonia
  • Recording of start-up behaviour with a four-channel plotter and optimisation of the starter setting

Three-phase high-voltage squirrel-cage rotor

  • Brand: EMZ
  • Output: 2,400 kW
  • Voltage: 6,000 V
  • Speed: 990 rpm.
  • Safety class: IP55
  • Cooling system: IC611
  • Weight: 11,500 kg

Change in Sales Administration

Recklinghausen, 31. Juli 2014

As from June 30th, 2014, Engelbert Rataj who had been our former manager and chief sales executive since 1988 has decided to retire at his own request at the age of 63.

Mr. Rataj is succeeded by Andreas Hölscher, a local manager, who has given proof of his skills as the chief sales and marketing executive in a company which distributes special machines.

After being in his former position for 15 years, Andreas Hölscher comments this new challenge and states his excitement: "I?m very happy to contribute my experiences and to support the sales department of EMZ. Hence, I?m looking forward to participating in strengthening the positive corporate culture."

Further, Stefan Beese, the owner and business executive, expressed his retirement wishes and thanked Mr. Rataj for his impact on the company, "He has profoundly contributed to the corporate growth and the strategic direction. I wish him all the best for the future and the new chapter in his life."

EMZ supplies 5300 kW Compressor Drive to a manufacturer of technical gases after breakdown

Recklinghausen, 04. Juni 2014

In May 2014, the breakdown of a compressor drive stopped the production of a new air separation plant in Austria.

EMZ was able to offer an available squirrel-cage motor from stock. We delivered the motor, including all customized modifications, within 14 days to Vienna.

In accordance with our customer?s specifications, the following works were accomplished on the 5300 kW squirrel-cage motor in the EMZ workshop in Recklinghausen:

  • Conversion of the cooling method from IC 611 to IC 01, including production of 2 new air covers for the cooling air inlet and outlet
  • Adaptation of the fixing holes to meet the existing foundation
  • Modification of the 6 kV terminal box?s cable entry
  • Conversion and adaptation of the piping to a central oil supply connection for the sleeve bearings
  • Modification of the shaft end with a second feather key

In co-operation with the operator and the manufacturer of the compressor, all data were gathered for the starting-up sequence calculation. Also a detailed calculation of the complete drive train was made to reduce all possible risks before the installation. Finally, EMZ was able to guarantee a successful commissioning.

Technical Data:

  • Brand: ABB
  • Output: 5300 kW
  • Voltage: 6100 V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Speed: 1490 rpm
  • Protection: IP 23

EMZ delivers two mill drives to a steel plant in Peru

Recklinghausen, 03. April 2014

In April 2013, EMZ France SARL received an order for two pieces slip-ring induction motors for a Peruvian steel plant.

Due to the very rough mill application conditions, these machines have been constructed extremely stable. To meet the customer?s individual specifications, both motors have been manufactured electrically and mechanically interchangeable to replace the installed motors on site.

  • Electrically and mechanically interchangeable
  • Individual construction for mill application
  • Identical position for stator- and rotor connection
  • Special design for 13200V stator voltage with surge arresters and impulse counter
  • Customer acceptance test in the new EMZ test bench in December 2013

2 pieces three-phase high voltage slip-ring induction motors

  • Brand: EMZ
  • Output: 1.480 kW
  • Voltage: 4.160 V
  • Speed: 512 rpm
  • Type of protection: IP55
  • Brand: EMZ
  • Output: 1.800 kW
  • Voltage: 13.200 V
  • Speed: 714 U/min.
  • Type of protection: IP55

Successful master’s thesis at EMZ

Recklinghausen, 29th December 2015

In order to specify our customer communication, Marco Paluch wrote his master’s thesis on the topic "Designing customer-specific communication channels for the company EMZ GmbH".

Within the scope of this thesis, different EMC specific customer communication channels were developed for our company. The master's thesis, graded 1.5, marked the conclusion of his Master's degree course "Sales Engineering and Product Management" at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Congratulations!

EMZ participates in B2RUN competition

Recklinghausen, 02. September 2015

Eleven employees of company EMZ took part in the B2RUN competition at the park grounds of the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen.

It was on 13th August, a sunny Thursday evening at around 30°C, when about 1500 participants started the race of 6 kilometers.

Among this group, there were eleven motivated EMZ team members stating that the common practice was worth the effort as it was not only lots of fun but also everybody seemed to be really satisfied with the overall results.

Nico Zemelka, as the youngest EMZ team member, accomplished the 27th overall in only 26.3 minutes.

EMZ delivers 4000kW squirrel-cage motor for exhaust fan drive

Recklinghausen, 02. Juni 2015

In February 2015, our subsidiary EMZ France Sarl received an urgent inquiry for a delivery at short notice. A Turkish cement plant requested a 4,000kW squirrel-cage motor that had to be suitable for the operation at a high-voltage frequency converter running within a speed range between 100 and 1,200rpm.

Actually, we had one brand new slip-ring motor available from stock that matched the required specification and was ready for prompt delivery. After consultation and technical clarification with our customer, we have short-circuited the rotor winding and modified the machine for the operation at the frequency converter.

The motor was delivered in mid-March 2015 after it successfully passed the acceptance test that was witnessed by our customer. The commissioning of the motor and the frequency converter took place at the end of March driving a new dust exhauster. 


  • Brand: EMZ
  • Output: 4.000 kW
  • Voltage: 6.000 V
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Speed: 100 - 1.200 rpm
  • Type of protection: IP 55
  • Cooling system: IC 611

Thank you for visiting our booth

Recklinghausen, 20. April 2015

We appreciate your visit at Hannover Messe 2015.

We hope that the fair was just as successful and informative for you as for us as an exhibitor.
Once again it has been proved that personal contact is the basis for a profitable cooperation.

With best regards from Recklinghausen,

Your EMZ Team

EMZ participated in B2Run competition on the 19th May 2016 in Dortmund

Recklinghausen, 19. Mai 2016

This year 19 employees of EMZ took part in the B2Run competition.

The competition took part at the Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund. The aim was, to finish that run in the stadium. The best runner was Marco Schmidt. He managed to finish the distance of 6 km in 28 minutes and 17 seconds.

1,800kW drive for an induced draft fan

Recklinghausen,  2016

EMZ built a low voltage motor with 1,800kW for a sinter dedusting fan of a steel plant in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Usually motors of this size are designed for high voltage (e.g. 6kV). In order to regulate the volume flow of the induced draft fan, the rotational speed of the 1,800kW motor is controlled by a frequency inverter. Since a 690V frequency inverter is significantly cheaper than 6kV inverter, the motor was specifically designed for the Voltage of 690V.

3-phase AC-squirrel-cage-motor

  • Brand: EMZ
  • Power: 1,800kW
  • voltage: 690V
  • Speed: 494 U/min.
  • Degree of protection: IP55
  • Cooling: IC611
  • Weight: 14,300 kg

EMK IE3 motors for zone 22 from stock!

Recklinghausen, February 29th, 2016

EMZ now also offers the EMK IE3 motors as a dust-explosion-protected design zone 22.

The technical data and dimension sheets can be found in the configurator, where zone 22 is now listed as an option.

EMZ-Motor doubles test stand capacity for Düchting pumps

Recklinghausen, September 22, 2017

Individuality revolves around strength and quality

The market for sea water desalination plants is growing, and with it the demand for bigger and bigger pumps. In future, the Düchting machine factory can measure exactly the capacity of its single and multiple-stage centrifugal pumps in large dimensions. The test stand for this has been fitted out by the electric motor specialist EMZ with an individually modified 4,000 Kw drive.

When Elektro-Maschinen-Zentrale GmbH (EMZ) develops solutions tailored to customers, the end result is that “every motor is unique“, says Frank Scherlack, technician responsible for large drives and for this project. Nonetheless, EMZ also regards the custom-made products for the machine and plant construction sector ordered from Düchting as interesting challenges for electric motor experts.
For the participants on both sides have to accept three high thresholds for the demanding expansion of the pump test stand to 4,000 Kw:
For the direct connection to the 10 Kv municipal electricity supply, no excessive starting current may be produced when the motor is switched on. For this reason, instead of a cage motor, EMZ has chosen for this application a slip ring motor available from ABB, with a carbon brush lifting and short circuit device.
The electricity provider’s exact conditions with regard to the narrow threshold values concerning the transient start-up current in terms of milliseconds must be adhered to and proven. On the basis of calculations made by the College of South Westphalia, a special-dimensioned three-phase current –liquid starter will be developed. With its moment regulation and delayed short-circuit protection activation, it fulfils all requirements.
The customer’s third requirement has resulted in comprehensive mechanical modifications:
Whereas the motor is normally intended for a single direction of rotation, Düchting would like to be able to use the test stand to test various pumps, and therefore also motors with both directions of rotation. The amount of cooling air required for converting the cooling system and the pressure loss will be determined by the EMZ testing facility in Recklinghausen. The team is basing itself on these measurements when fitting the motor with additional radial blowers which will be installed ion them modified hood of the water cooler.
“This has been an enormous project with great challenges even for us here at Düchting “, admits Sascha Lahnstein, engineering manager, when inspecting the test stand at the Witten-based machine factory. But EMZ has developed and implemented “an elegant solution“ – from the first presentation, via delivery, all the way to the launch of the motor and starter in Witten. “Enquiries from our clients inspired us to search for ideas on an expansion n of capacity long ago, but the solutions currently available require a large amount of space and a high price,“he explains. “Now, the facility is set up in such a way that space and costs are but a fraction of what they were.“
Various quality pumps for sea water desalination plants already occupy a considerable share of business at Düchting. According to a forecast by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), world demand for water desalination is going to increase by ten percent per year. “Several large orders have encouraged us to expand this sphere of competence. And judging from the enquires, we expect in future, the same quantity of water may be desalinated by fewer but larger centrifugal pumps“, says Sascha Lahnstein, looking ahead to future success. The technology is in demand, especially in rich countries that lie sufficiently close to the sea but are considered to have a water shortage. The Arab Emirates already obtain 100 percent of their drinking water from desalination plants, and Israel obtains half of its fresh water requirements from them.
“With this measure we are now reaching markets from which we were virtually barred due to the absence of testing possibilities,“ stresses managing director Dr.Ing. Carsten Düchting. Thus, the expansion of the test stand by EMZ also underscores “our quality requirement to test each pump in detail prior to shipment, in order to offer our customers reliable and functional solutions,“ says the boss of the machine factory in Witten.
With test runs for the first big pumps, Düchting has already benefited from the expansion of the test stand. A customer in Iran is receiving a total of six aggregates, consisting of a pump, turbine and motor. The pumps handle 1,500 cubic metres of water per second at a pressure of less than 65 bar and a centrifugal force of 90 degree rediversion. The pumps, each with a capacity of 3,000 kilowatts, form parts of a combination of plants each measuring 9 by 2.5 metres and weighing 16.,5 tonnes. The heavyweights are taken on a 5,000 km. journey by truck and delivered to the client.
Almost 30 kilometres separate the corporate headquarters of Düchting pumps in the southeast and EMZ in the north west of the Ruhr region. Those ignorant of the branch might consider the former to be “regular customers” of the latter, but in fact, due to long years of cooperation, they are more of a cooperative partnership offering solutions.
In view of the demanding project that has been tackled jointly, the qualified commercial engineer and EMZ managing director Stefan Beese puts it this way: “We are proud of such fruitful cooperation, Once again this project serves as a reference of how, in competence and co-production, extraordinary requirements lead to extraordinary solutions. The solutions to this demanding task by way of motor modifications, tailored to individual requirements, pose great benefit to both sides and represent a successful transformation.“

EMZ boat trip

Recklinghausen, June 09th, 2017

Every year, the EMZ staff looks forward to the company’s summer festivity. The maritime theme for this year’s social gathering involved a boat trip and almost everyone was, literally, on board: EMZ, cast off!

An interesting guided tour at the ship lift Henrichenburg, located near Datteln, marked the beginning of the trip. Afterwards, the EMZ crew was welcomed at the passenger ship. The passage to the city harbor of Recklinghausen took about two and a half hours. During this boat trip, the management seized the opportunity to honor two employees for their long employment with the company. Rainer Digger has now been employed for 25 years as one of our painters, and Michael Roszak who is now representative head of the workshop has been a part of the EMZ team for 40 years. Following a sunny afternoon on board with music, delicious food and beverages the EMZ crew then happily headed off back home after a long and eventful day.

EMZ is showing four top exhibits at the world's largest industrial fair

Recklinghausen, May 05th, 2017

Four new and individually modified exhibits were presented at the Hannover Fair 2017.

The large high-voltage motor and the three low-voltage motors arouse a lot of interest among the visitors. Stefan Beese, EMZ owner, draws a positive conclusion after five days at the fair,

„We are very pleased with the enormous number of new contacts and congenial discussions with many longtime customers". Many people visited the EMZ booth H02 in Hall 14, where more than 130 companies exhibited around 500 products.

The traditional family business from Recklinghausen presented this year's trade fair motto "Innovations 2017", on the one hand, with its large high-voltage slip ring rotor with 1,400 kW power. This motor is used, among other fields, in the cement industry and served as a real eye-catcher on the test stand, where it was vertically suspended. In addition, EMZ also presented three low-voltage motors: the IE4 motor from the EMZ's own brand emblem, an EMK brake motor and an EMK IE3 motor for zone 22 (protected against dust explosions).

New faces in our EMZ sales team

Recklinghausen, November 09, 2018

Three new employees started working for the EMZ sales team in Recklinghausen

We welcome our new employees Kadri Oynak, Malte Budde, and Lewin Hasenburg who will join our sales team. Kadri Oynak and Malte Budde have experiences in the field of technical sales and will support our low-voltage sales team with immediate effect. Lewin Hasenburg is a qualified master electrician and will join our high voltage sales team.

In order to get to know each other, we went to the bowling alley together.

We wish our new colleagues a good start at EMZ.

You are welcome to inform yourself about our EMZ team here

EMZ expands storage area in Recklinghausen

Recklinghausen, October 17, 2018

The constantly increasing demand for EMK three-phase AC motors requires an investment in logistics in order to continue to deliver quickly and on schedule. Therefore, EMZ arranged an expansion of the warehouse and added 400 new pallet spaces. It is already planned to further create another 1,000 pallet spaces soon.

EMZ participated in the TopRunRuhr Viactiv corporate challenge

Recklinghausen, September 07, 2018

Eight members of the EMZ team successfully took part in the TopRunRuhr Viactiv corporate challenge on the Hoheward slope in Herten

Roughly 1700 participants competed on Tuesday, 4th September. The 6.7 km long track started on the high plateau of the Hoheward slope and began with an impressive 360-degree panorama view of the Ruhr region. In the company ranking the three best runners of the "EMZ Runners" Nico Zemelka (29,43 minutes), Marco Schmidt (30,57 minutes) and Stefan Beese (33:33 minutes) achieved a remarkable 22nd place.

EMZ prevents long production shutdown in a cement plant

Recklinghausen, August 16, 2018

5.3 MW motor from stock for cement mill drive in Morocco

EMZ was able to quote a slip-ring motor available from stock for this emergency. In order to ensure a fast installment without any major modification works in the mill, EMZ manufactured a fitting base frame which has the main dimensions of the original engine. Including all adjustments and modifications, the motor had been ready for shipment within 5 working days.

Key motor data:

  • Power 5,300 kW
  • Voltage 5,500 V, 50 Hz
  • Speed 993 rpm
  • Protection class IP55
  • Cooling method IC611
  • Frame size 800
  • Weight 22,000 kg

1,200 kW drive for steel mill in Egypt

Recklinghausen, June 28, 2018

EMZ manufactured an 8-pole high-voltage motor with 1,200 kW for a steel mill in Egypt.

The engine replaces an over 40-year-old Marelli drive. A crucial factor in this project was the main mounting dimensions, since the new motor had to precisely fit the old motor’s dimensions. This advantage enabled a quick and cost-effective retrofitting of the installation. Naturally, the technical data also had to be designed specifically for the mill application. In addition to "standard data" such as voltage and power, overload capability (in this case 1.8 times the nominal load) and starting time were important issues. Finally, the engine was successfully commissioned in June 2018 by the EMZ service team.

EMZ welcomes an intern from France

Recklinghausen, June 18, 2018

Since April 1st, and for a total duration of 3 months, EMZ welcomes a new French trainee. Currently studying International Business in Lyon, Marion had spent the first 2 months at our head office in Recklinghausen before she joined our team at the Swiss subsidiary for the last few weeks of her internship.

What exactly is your job here at EMZ?

Part of my job consists of some translating for our French-speaking clients, whether it is for the company's website, technical instructions manuals or for presentations. I also support the executive assistant in the realization of several projects (marketing…).

What do you particularly like about your work?

First of all, I really like the working atmosphere in the company. As a French person, I am pleasantly surprised by the trustworthy relationship between employees and supervisors. In addition, I also appreciate being given responsibility for many tasks, which allows me to work independently now and then.

What do you like about Germany?

German culture appeals to me a lot (values, traditions...). As far as I can see, Germany offers an excellent balance between professional and private life, which is very pleasant. Moreover, I would like to study and, why not, work here, as this country offers many opportunities.

To conclude, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

This is a difficult question, but I would like to have a job that allows me to combine both my French knowledge and my German experience.  Maybe I will look for a job in business consulting, this could be interesting.

Thank you and have good internship at EMZ!

Kevin Wagner aims to further push growth

Recklinghausen, May 07, 2018

The EMZ management appointed a new deputy sales director of the low-voltage motors division.

“I am very pleased to take up the position as deputy sales manager of the low-voltage motors division and I am sure that our team will further increase our growth. In my opinion, the most important prerequisite for success is to maintain the close contact with our customers," says Kevin Christopher Wagner.

The 32-year-old began his professional career at EMZ Elektro-Maschinen-Zentrale in 2014 as an executive assistant. He played a major role in the implementation of quality management according to the DIN-ISO 9001 norm, which provided support in the optimization of different internal processes.

Prior to his occupation at EMZ, Kevin Wagner worked full-time in the application technology department of a rail vehicle technology supplier, while at the same time completing his Master’s program at the Technical University of Dortmund.

Thanks to a strong increase in sales, EMZ had recently achieved the highest turnover from deliveries and services since the company was founded 66 years ago.  

600 EMK geared motors for kitchen kneading machines

Recklinghausen, April 04, 2018

EMZ supplies 600 EMK geared motors to a manufacturer of kitchen machines for the catering industry.

Thanks to various attachments, this kitchen machine can be used to, e.g., whip cream, knead dough, and "grind" meat. The geared motor is operated with a frequency converter, which allows an infinitely variable speed control.

Key motor data:

Squirrel-cage motor

  • Power 0,25 kW
  • Voltage 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Speed 1400 U/min
  • Protection class IP55
  • Cooling method IC411

Mounted gearbox

  • Material aluminium
  • Transmission ratio 1:7
  • Oil filling for food industry

Economic Growth at Record Level

Recklinghausen, February 20, 2018

Business Year 2017: Sales 15 Percent Up Against Previous Year

“We are very pleased with our company’s economic growth in the previous year, which we concluded with a strong 15 percent increase in sales compared to the previous year, a record“, Stefan Beese, managing director of EMZ Elektro-Maschinen-Zentrale GmbH.

With this increase, the motor manufacturer from Recklinghausen achieved the highest revenues from deliveries and services since the company was founded 66 years ago. The strong growth is attributable particularly to business with large machines and EMK low-voltage motor products, says Stefan Beese.

EMZ is participating in the worldwide demand for large machines und and is geared to exports. The company delivers motors to customers in Africa, Asia, and the EU neighbouring countries. “The outstanding quality of our large machines is the foundation for our success. Downtimes due to defective high-voltage motors are extremely expensive“, is how graduate industrial engineer Benedikt Mathiaszyk, EMZ deputy managing director and head of this business segment, explains the good order situation.

 EMZ’s advantages to customers include the individual manufacture of motors according to desired specifications, stresses Mathiaszyk, “in this way, our drives are optimally suited to the machines“. EMZ customers prefer sustainability, therefore they do not want to spend money on exhaustive and cost-intensive conversions of machines when replacing old motors, consequently, they avoid the standards of other providers which are only little suited to their requirements,“ he explains.

EMZ manufactures its low-voltage motors mainly in Germany, France, and Switzerland. In terms of the successes also achieved in this segment last year, Stefan Beese says: “Ever since the company was founded by my father, our philosophy has always been based on the principle Quick – Precise – Well-Priced. We strive constantly to fulfil all three qualities in our products and services“. Customers realise that they are “not ordering from the world’s largest manufacturers“, but are aware that they are dealing with a “reliable partner who always reacts promptly to customer enquiries even when the sale is concluded and, in competition, offers a very good costs-service relationship“. Beese sums up: “In view of the positive development of orders, more and more companies obviously appreciate our quality, reliability and flexibility“.

1350 kW EMZ frequency converter motor prevents expensive production downtime in a cement plant

Recklinghausen, February 03th, 2018

On Saturday, February 3, a 1,000 kW motor broke down due to a winding damage in a cement plant in Northern Germany.

A short-term repair was impossible.
The maintenance team of the cement plant contacted EMZ. Thanks to its extensive stock of large drives, EMZ was able to offer the cement plant a suitable 1,350 kW motor.
The engine was shipped on Sunday evening, so that production could be resumed on Monday.
Key motor data:

squirrel cage motor

  • Power 1350 kW
  • Voltage 690 V, 50 Hz
  • Speed 1479 rpm
  • Protection class IP55
  • Cooling method IC611”

6,600 kW motor for a cement plant in Cyprus

Recklinghausen, November 26, 2019

EMZ supplied a 33 ton engine for a raw mill fan operated in a cement plant in Cyprus.

Before the manufacturing started, EMZ technicians carried out the detailed technical clarification on-site. The top priority was to ensure the electrical as well as the mechanical interchangeability to the existing ABB motor in frame size 900. The winding of the speed-controlled motor had also been optimized for the operation with an ABB ACS6000 frequency converter. In September 2019, the EMZ service team conducted the commissioning and optimization of the existing oil supply system for the flushing oil lubricated sleeve bearings.

Key motor data

  • Power 6600 kW
  • Voltage 3100 V
  • Speed 745 rpm
  • Protection class: IP 55
  • Cooling method IC611
  • Frame Size 900
  • Weight 33.000 kg

EMZ participated in the TopRunRuhr Viactiv corporate run 2019

Recklinghausen, September 6, 2019

This year, twelve participants from EMZ successfully took part in the 2nd edition of the TopRunRuhr Viactiv corporate run on the Hoheward slope in Herten.

On Thursday, 05 September, more than 2,000 participants took part in the challenge. This year, the 6.5 km long track started at the sundial on top of the Hoheward slope. Marco Schmidt was the first one of the EMZ Runners to finish the run with a time of less than 30 minutes (29:51 minutes). Kevin Wagner (31:46 minutes) and Ursula Wirth (34:08 minutes) followed him on the EMZ podium. Marko Pezer finished 15th in the overall ranking in the category “trainees” with 35:53 minutes.

EMZ supplies 10380 kW slip ring motor for a cement plant in Turkey

Recklinghausen, July 10, 2019

The modular slip ring motor is designed as frame size 1000mm and is supplied together with a base frame. Our solution replaces an existing drive in the frame size 1500mm. The whole motor construction is 100% exchangeable, so that the commissioning could take place in short time without any conversion measures. You can see the successful start of the cement mill here.

Due to severe damage of the existing engine during the production phase of the replacement, the delivery date had to be shortened by 14 weeks. Thanks to the excellently implemented special measures and the smooth manufacturing process, our EMZ Service Team was able to successfully put the 46,000 kg heavy drive into operation in June 2019.

Since this project is the largest motor ever delivered by EMZ, we can be even more proud of ourselves for having delivered such a large engine in such a short time.

Powerful drive for recycling

Recklinghausen, May 03, 2019

3 MW power: EMZ modernizes shredder plant for metal scrap with special motor.

Metal recycling is one of the most important raw materials sources in Europe. Specifically shredder plants at scrap yards that shred whole cars, white goods or metal profiles are operating in this field. They ultimately prepare these parts for further processing. Availability and a good performance are decisive factors: Decons SAS, a successful and privately run recycling company from the Gironde department in southwest France, has now modernised the drive solution of an existing shredder together with EMZ from Recklinghausen.

The classic scrap yards of the past have now given way to highly efficient recycling parks. Nowadays, they produce metal fractions in large quantities and with high purity. The main customers are steelworks and smelters specialising in individual metals. Underlying this form of recycling is the fact that elementary metals and alloys do not dissipate when being used. They are, therefore, available again at the end of a product life cycle - provided they find their way into recycling at scrap yards. Typical processing steps are pressing, cutting, and shredding in shredder plants with a power supply capacity in the megawatt range.

“The operating principle corresponds to a rotating hammer mill whose cylinders have movable hammers which are mounted along an axis," explains Benedikt Mathiaszyk, who is the Managing Director of Elektro-Maschinen-Zentrale GmbH in Recklinghausen and also responsible for large drives and projects. When the rotor rotates, the hammers move outwards by centrifugal force and shatter the scrap metal that is supplied by the feed rollers into small pieces. Since the loads are so heavy, the hammers - despite being manufactured from a special alloy - only achieve a service life of two days per side. After four days, the hammers with a unit weight of around 135 kilograms have to be completely replaced. "However, they process several thousand tons of scrap in their relatively short operation time.”  

Improved thermal performance with new motor

After a comprehensive modernization of this plant, the rotor of the shredder, which weighs more than 40 tons, is today driven by a ten-pole EMZ slip ring motor. At the Decons recycling site in Le Pian Medoc near the southern French city of Bordeaux, this motor delivers a rated output of 4000 HP - i.e., just below 3000 kW. The main reasons for the reconstruction of the drive were serious thermal problems with the existing original engine. The drive was simply too small for the shredder plant, became too hot and thus had to cool down again and again due to the overload - which could ultimately only be achieved by reducing the material feed and consequently throttling production.

The new motor from the EMZ ASD series, which was specially developed for shredder applications, now provides more reserves with a rated output of almost 3000 kW. According to Benedikt Mathiaszyk, the machine could also be operated with 3500 kW thanks to the optimized thermal characteristics. For this project, the high torque volume density paved the way for mounting the more powerful motor on the foundation of the existing drive without costly modifications. The coupling connection between the engine shaft and cardan shaft was similarly easy - at least as far as the existing installation dimensions were concerned.

On the contrary, the design of the mechanical power transmission by EMZ was much more demanding. The shredder motor is directly coupled to the shredder rotor via a cardan shaft. This construction is necessary because the complete shredder is flexibly mounted on strong steel springs, while the shredder motor is grounded on a rigid and solid concrete foundation. Calculations by the cardan shaft manufacturer have revealed torque shocks of up to 500 kNm prior to the retrofitting, which in turn can cause axial shock stressings of up to 60 tons.

Full power, even when the going gets tough

The fast and hard torque shocks have an effect on the high-voltage motor. Thus, the entire design is constructed to withstand high vibrations: The motor is vibrationresistant up to a maximum vibration value of 28 mm/s. The comparison with a vibration motor is absolutely accurate, since EMZ had to reinforce the special design of the housing, the shaft, the electrical active parts, as well as the carbon brushes, bearings, and slip rings in order to make the entire construction as robust as possible. All adjustments were made under the premise of delivering the the motor with its full power potential and high availability, but without derating. "Everything about this engine is special," concludes Benedikt Mathiaszyk, speaking of the close cooperation with the cardan shaft manufacturer. According to the managing director, the company was just as surprised by the amount of determined torque values as the manufacturer of the shredder.

The parameters have ultimately been incorporated into an optimized shaft design with an oil press bandage instead of a feather key, which typically quickly deflects during impact loads, and thus creates play. When using the oil press bandage, the coupling half is shrunk onto the shaft end with a press fit and consequently forms a friction-locked connection. "Thanks to the high static friction, we almost achieve the strength of a welded connection," says the managing director. The coupling half is then removed during maintenance or repairs by creating an oil pressure through an oil groove in the shaft.

Another measure that makes the EMZ slip-ring motor so trend-setting for the use in shredder application is the control of load behaviour. The drive in the plant of the French recycling company works with a fixed load speed of 595 rpm at a voltage of 5500V and a frequency of 50Hz because it is rigidly operated on the mains supply. Given the high moment of impact of the shredder rotor, weighing more than 40 tons, and the resulting current peaks, EMZ was faced with the task of effectively limiting the load currents.  Here, the company from Recklinghausen relies on a precise, safe, and low-maintenance technology: the liquid starter. MKS is a specialist in this field. The company from Jülich was also closely involved in the project - with the aim of "jointly offering the best technical solution for the task", says EMZ Managing Director Stefan Beese retrospectively.

The liquid starter has the task of reducing the speed of the motor in a targeted manner in the event of a load surge, e.g., when the hammers are confronted with harder scrap or when scrap fractions of varying density need to be processed. If the current rises above a limit value, a servomotor immediately increases the contact distances between the electrodes in the liquid starter. Then, the increase of the ohmic resistance in the rotor circuit leads to a controlled speed reduction of the motor and the shredder rotor. This allows the kinetic energy of the rotating system to be used to compensate for the load surge.

Hence, this design compensates for network perturbations and further harmonises current consumption during changing loads. In this context, EMZ uses the liquid starter from MKS for controlling the feed roll. "If the nominal current value of the motor is reached, the roll stops, once the value decreases again, the material is conveyed again", explains Benedikt Mathiaszyk.

Production increased by half

In practice, the outlined structure works so well that the recycling company in southern France had to adapt the upstream and downstream logistics processes after modernising the shredder plant. Depending on the materials, the operator speaks of productivity increases of up to 50 percent without the engine reaching its thermal limits. The higher output also affects the quality of the shredder material. Steffen Kollack, Technical Manager of Decons SAS, is very satisfied with the performance of the new shredder motor: "We feed the material faster, thus increasing the volume in the shredder and obtaining finer grains and better qualities because the metal pieces can work each other off. If we could previously calculate a weight of six tons with a full wheel loader bucket, then today we have to calculate a weight of eight tons due to the higher bulk density."

2,500 kW Motor for a Cement Mill in Australia

Recklinghausen, March 15, 2019

Professional replacement of the complete drive train of a cement mill in Australia.

The water-cooled EMZ slip-ring motor type ASW 630-06 was manufactured interchangeably to the existing Alstom machine and additionally equipped with a short-circuit and brush lifting device. In January 2019, the motor was successfully commissioned by the EMZ Service Team. During a 12-day shutdown, the complete drive train was changed on-site while fully adhering to all work and safety measures. The works concerning the drive train included the exchange of the main gearbox and the auxiliary drive supplied by SEW, the medium-voltage switchgear, a foundation adaptation using a solid adapter frame and the renewal of the medium-voltage and control cables.

EMZ looks back on a very successful 2018

Recklinghausen, January 16, 2019

In the past year, the very high level of 2017 was maintained. Particularly, the EMK low-voltage motor division and the EMZ large drives department have continued to develop well.

75 kVA EMZ Converter set for testing with US supply voltage and frequency

Recklinghausen, May 13, 2020

EMZ manufactured a special converter set for an internationally leading manufacturer of packaging machines.

The manufacturer's machines are also supplied to the USA and since different voltage and frequency ranges apply in North America, a special converter set had to be built that can simulate the US power supply system. With this converter set, it is possible to test the systems here in Germany with the American voltage and frequency. The EMZ converter set has an output of 75 kVA, a frequency of 60 Hz and an adjustable voltage of 400 – 600V. Our EMZ team carried out the installation and commissioning of the converter set on schedule and ready for use.

EMZ Bike Challenge

Recklinghausen, October 04, 2021

On October 01, 2021, we launched a bicycle challenge at EMZ with the goal of doing something good for yourself and your health as well as for a good cause. Every kilometer counts. To mark the occasion, our new EMZ-blue bike racks were inaugurated last week under a bright blue sky, creating the best conditions for an active October.

May the most active cyclists win - on the saddles, get set, GO!

EMZ welcomes two new trainees!

Recklinghausen, August 16, 2021

At EMZ, we welcome two new trainees as of 01 August 2021. Tristan has started an apprenticeship as a merchant in wholesale and foreign trade management, whereby he will pass through a wide variety of stations at EMZ. Lukas has started an apprenticeship as an electronics technician for machine and drive technology and will support the EMZ workshop from now on. 

We look forward to a successful time together!

Supply of ten low-voltage motors to a mining company in Mauritania!

Recklinghausen, March 18, 2021

EMZ supplied ten low-voltage motors to a mining company in Mauritania in north-west Africa. The EMZ motors with a rated power of 132 kW are used to drive conveyor belts for ore extraction. The motors are permanently exposed to the local weather conditions. Thanks to a robust cast housing, the EMK motors are perfectly suited for outdoor use.

Three-phase asynchronous motors:

Make: EMK | Power: 132 kW | Voltage: 400/ 460 V | Frequency: 50/60 Hz | Speed: 1,786 rpm. | Protection class: IP 55 | Weight: 994 kg


4000 HP shredder drive from the EMZ high-performance range is ready for delivery!

Recklinghausen, February 15, 2021

In snowy February, after a successful final test, another special motor from the EMZ Heavy-Duty-Range left the large machine test field of the EMZ in Recklinghausen. After delivery to the customer in Spain, this 4.000 HP strong slip ring rotor is installed on an existing shredder system and is coupled directly to the 40t shredder rotor via a cardan shaft.

This motor is an extremely robust and vibration-proof special construction that is designed for mechanical vibrations of up to 28mm / s. In conjunction with a liquid starter, which is characterized by highly dynamic control and positioning properties, this drive concept works extremely efficiently.

Slip ring motor:

Make: ASD | Performance: 2,942 kW (4,000 HP) | Voltage: 6,000 V | Frequency: 50 Hz | Speed: 595 rpm | Safety Class: IP 24 | Cooling System: IC 11


EMZ in the snow

Recklinghausen, February 9, 2021 

The winter storm "Tristan" turned large parts of Germany into a winter wonderland. The EMZ was also buried under large amounts of snow and was shone in glorious white splendor in glorious sunshine. The last time there was so much snow in the Ruhr area was in 2010. But because of our hardworking employees, the area could be cleared in a very short time. After all, snow and ice did not prevent the EMZ from continuing operations reliably as usual after brief restrictions.