References low-voltage motors

Flue gas desulfurization plants, Turkey

In April 2021, EMZ was able to deliver two major orders for a renowned German pump manufacturer on schedule. A total of 35 high-voltage motors and 34 low-voltage motors were manufactured for this project. 

The motors in the power range from 5.5kW to 800kW drive various special pumps in flue gas desulfurization plants (FGD) in coal-fired power plants in Turkey. While the low-voltage motors were manufactured in accordance with the applicable energy efficiency specifications, the high voltage motors had to comply with the special regulations of the power plant operators. Among other things, the high voltage motors were manufactured with silencers for the cooling air inlet, which limit the sound pressure level to 85db(A). Furthermore, the speed and the direction of rotation of the motors are monitored with additionally installed incremental encoders so that any reverse rotation of the pumps by the returning pumped medium is reliably detected and prevented. The prevailing very warm and humid climate requires optimized corrosion protection. With a special coating and 220µm layer thickness, the motors are also prepared for this requirement in the coming years. 

High-voltage motor:

Make: EMZ | Power: 450-800 kW | Voltage: 6,000 V | Frequency: 50 Hz | Speed: 1,490 rpm | Protection class: IP55 | Cooling type: IC411

Low-voltage motor:

Make: EMK | Type: B3 | Power: 5.5-90 kW | Voltage: 400/460 VD | Frequency: 50/60 Hz | Speed: 1,489/1,787 rpm | Protection class: IP55

Packaging manufacturer, USA

EMZ manufactured a special converter set with a power of 67 kVA for an internationally leading manufacturer of packaging machines for testing with US mains voltage and frequency.

The manufacturer's machines are also supplied to the USA. Since different voltage and frequency ranges apply in North America, a special converter set had to be built that can simulate the US power supply system. With this converter set, it is possible to test the systems here in Germany with the American voltage and frequency. The EMZ converter set has an output of 67 kVA, a frequency of 60 Hz and an adjustable voltage of 380 – 480 V. Our EMZ team carried out the installation and commissioning of the converter set on schedule and ready for use.

Three-phase squirrel-cage motor:

Power: 75 kW | Voltage: 400 V / 460 V | Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz | Speed: 1.480 rpm / 1.787 rpm | Protection class: IP55 | Weight: 538 kg

Converter Set:

Power: 67 kVA | Voltage: 380-480 V | Frequency: 60 Hz | Speed: 1.800 rpm | Protection class: IP23 | Weight: 330 kg

Kitchen machine manufacturer

EMZ supplies 600 EMK gear motors to a manufacturer of kitchen kneading machines for the catering industry.

Thanks to various attachments, this kitchen machine can be used to whip cream, knead dough and "grind" meat, among other things. The geared motor is operated by a frequency converter, which allows infinitely variable speed control.

Three-phase squirrel-cage motor:

Make: EMK | Power: 0,25 kW | Voltage: 230 V | Speed: 1.400 rpm. | Protection class: IP55 | Cooling type: IC 411 Attached gear: material aluminum | gear ratio 1:7 | oil filling for food industry

Metallurgical plant, Germany

EMZ manufactured a low-voltage motor with 1,800 kW for a sinter dedusting plant of an metallurgical plant in the Ruhr area. Normally, Motors of this power are designed for high voltage - for example 6 kV. However, since 690 V converters are considerably cheaper than 6 kV converters, the motor was designed for 690 V converter operation. The speed of the 1,800 kW motor is controlled by a frequency converter to regulate the volume flow of the induced draft fan.

Three-phase motor:

Make: EMZ | Power: 1,800 kW | Voltage: 690 V | Speed: 494 rpm. | Protection class: IP55 | cooling type: IC 611 | Weight: 14,300 kg

Coal power station, Germany

EMZ supplies two squirrel‐cage motors as a district heating pump drive for a German coal power station.

The motors with a capacity of 1,300 kW each are designed for frequency‐converter operations.

Squirrel-cage motor:

Manufacturer: Siemens | Power: 1.300 kW | Voltage: 690 V | Speed: 1.500 rpm. | Protection class: IP55

Metal industries, China

EMZ supplied a 315 kW motor for the induced draft fan of a metal industry plant to a German fan manufacturer in China. 

The speed of the 315 kW motor is controlled by frequency converters to regulate the volume flow of the induced draft fan.

Three-phase low-voltage motor:

Brand: EMK | Output: 315 kW | Voltage: 380 V | Speed: 2.980 rpm. | Safety class: IP55 | Cooling system: IC411 | Weight: 1.850 kg

Fan manufacturers, France

The asynchronous squirrel-cage motor was fitted with a electrically-insulated bearing in the EMZ specialist workshop to ensure faultless operation for the customer. The motor is operated on a frequency converter to allow control of the air flow. The 90 kW motor was delivered to a renowned manufacturer of fans in France.

Asynchronous low-voltage squirrel-cage rotor:

Brand: EMK | Output: 90 kW | Voltage: 400 V | Speed: 1.500 U/min. | Safety class: IP55 | Efficiency: IE2 | Weight: 670 kg

Gravel extraction, Germany

As the main drive for the suction pump, EMZ supplied three-phase asynchronous motors in a power range between 250 and 400 kW to a German manufacturer of suction dredgers. Due to their use in open-air gravel extraction on floating pontoons, the motors are permanently exposed to all weather conditions. This is a particular challenge, especially in winter with ice, snow and rain. The robust EMK cast iron motors meet all requirements for this application.

Three-phase asynchronous motor:

Brand: EMZ - EMK | Output: 250 kW | Voltage: 400/690 V | Speed: 1.485 U/min. | Safety class: IP55

Pump manufacturer, Germany

EMZ delivered motors for a pump-test bench to a German pump manufacturer. 

The two three-phase motors, which have differences in power, speed and weight, were set up on site. 

Three-phase standard motors, 2 units:

Brand: EMZ | Output: 132 kW | Voltage: 400 V | Speed: 995 rpm. | Safety class: IP55 | Weight: 1.150 kg

Three-phase standard motor, 1 unit:

Brand: EMZ | Output: 18,5 kW | Voltage: 400 V | Speed: 1.470 rpm. | Safety class: IP55 | Weight: 204 kg

Crushing plant manufacturer, Germany

EMZ supplied a three-phase squirrel-cage motor with an output of 200 kW as the main drive for an impact crusher to a German crushing plant manufacturer. The machine plant was later used in a quarry in southern Germany.

Three-phase high-voltage squirrel-cage rotor:

Brand: EMZ | Output: 200 kW | Voltage: 400 V | Speed: 1.485 U/min. | Safety class: IP55 | Weight: 1.331 kg

Crushing plant, France

EMZ supplied the main drive for a mobile crushing plant to a German crushing-plant manufacturer.

The mobile crusher is in operation in France.

Three-phase standard motor:

Brand: EMZ | Output: 90 kW | Voltage: 400 V | Speed: 1.480 U/min. | Safety class: IP55 | Weight: 672 kg

Pump manufacturer

EMZ supplied various EMK motors as drives for high-pressure pumps to an internationally active pump manufacturer, in particular a 160 kW low-voltage motor.

Three-phase low-voltage squirrel-cage rotors:

Brand: EMK | Output: 160 kW | Voltage: 400 V | Speed: 1.490 rpm. | Safety class: IP55 | Efficiency: IE2 | Weight: 1.200 kg

Machine and plant engineering, Germany

EMZ delivered an 315 kW low-voltage EMK motor to a German machine and plant engineering for the German construction materials industry.

The engine was mounted as the main drive on a rotary crusher and successfully put into operation in a quarry.

Three-phase low-voltage squirrel-cage rotor:

Brand: EMK | Output: 315 kW | Voltage: 400 V | Speed: 1.490 rpm. | Safety class: IP55 | Efficiency: IE2 | Weight: 1.800 kg