EMZ Bike Challenge

On October 01, 2021, we launched a bicycle challenge at EMZ with the goal of doing something good for yourself and your health as well as for a good cause. Every kilometer counts. To mark the occasion, our new EMZ-blue bike racks were inaugurated last week under a bright blue sky, creating the best conditions for an active October.

May the most active cyclists win - on the saddles, get set, GO!

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EMZ delivers 35 high-voltage motors and 34 low-voltage motors for flue gas desulfurization plants in Turkey

In April 2021, EMZ was able to deliver two major orders for a renowned German pump manufacturer on schedule. A total of 35 high-voltage motors and 34 low-voltage motors were manufactured for this project. 

The motors in the power range from 5.5kW to 800kW drive various special pumps in flue gas desulfurization plants (FGD) in coal-fired power plants in Turkey. While the low-voltage motors were manufactured in accordance with the applicable energy efficiency specifications, the high voltage motors had to comply with the special regulations of the power plant operators. Among other things, the high voltage motors were manufactured with silencers for the cooling air inlet, which limit the sound pressure level to 85db(A). Furthermore, the speed and the direction of rotation of the motors are monitored with additionally installed incremental encoders so that any reverse rotation of the pumps by the returning pumped medium is reliably detected and prevented. The prevailing very warm and humid climate requires optimized corrosion protection. With a special coating and 220µm layer thickness, the motors are also prepared for this requirement in the coming years. 


Make: EMZ | Power: 450-800 kW | Voltage: 6,000 V | Frequency: 50 Hz | Speed: 1,490 rpm | Protection class: IP55 | Cooling type: IC411


Make: EMK | Type: B3 | Power: 5.5-90 kW | Voltage: 400/460 VD | Frequency: 50/60 Hz | Speed: 1,489/1,787 rpm | Protection class: IP55 

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Low Voltage


30,000 electric motors of the brands EMK and SIEMENS are available from stock

  • IE3/IE4 Motors
  • Ex motors Ex d & Ex e
  • IE3 brake motors
  • 500V Motors
  • Multispeed motors (pole-changing)
  • Progressive motors
  • AC motors
  • UL & CSA Motors

High voltage

Up to 6,000 kW available from stock, individual large drives up to 15,000 kW

  • Slip Ring Motors
    • 100 - 15.000 kW
    • 2.000 - 13.800 V
    • 2 - 24 poles
  • Squirrel Cage Motors
    • 100 - 15.000 kW
    • 2.000 - 13.800 V
    • 2 - 24 poles

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  • Certified distribution partner of
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  • Further partner companies
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  • EMK Low-voltage motors
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  • EMK Frequency converter
High-voltage motors

We manufacture high‐voltage motors and large drives: Whether it is a slip‐ring motor, squirrel‐cage
motor, synchronous machine or a 100 per cent interchangeable replica.

Low-voltage motors:

Our in‐house brand product, the EMK electric motor, is suitable for almost every application due to its
robust design. The concept for our EMK motors is that we place special emphasis on exceptional
quality combined with a reasonable price range.

Frequency converter:

Our EMK frequency converters provide energy‐efficient drive solutions. Available as single‐phase or
three‐phase devices with a power range of up to 400 volts. Also, there are further low voltage
converters and medium voltage converters in our range of products. We are able to offer the suitable
inverter for all of your applications.
Regardless of which product you choose, we ensure customer‐oriented solutions and deliver
everything from production to commissioning ‐ all from a single source.

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Branded products of renowned manufacturers

  • Siemens
  • EMK
  • ABB
  • SEW, VEM

Our competent sales team also supports you with any product advice, independent of the manufacturer. You will receive your offer as soon as possible and also at short notice. Thanks to our purchasing volume, we have the possibility to offer branded products at attractive prices - for high voltage motors, low voltage motors, geared motors, frequency converters and transformers. EMZ delivers products of leading manufacturers. Among our long-term partnerships are for example Siemens, SEW, Lenze and Nord Drivesystems.


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