Starters, soft starters & frequency converters

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Starters, soft starters and frequency converters

In addition to our high voltage motors, EMZ offers you a wide range of technologies for starting the motors and for speed control. From resistance starters for slip ring motors, designed as oil- or water-cooled starters, to soft starters for squirrel cage motors for controlled reduction of the inrush current, to medium-voltage frequency converters for speed control of high drive powers, EMZ can configure, supply and commission a complete drive system for you.


The EMZ liquid starters offer an extremely robust and at the same time economical solution for the controlled run-up of slip ring motors in applications with large moments of inertia. There are many such applications in the cement and raw materials processing industries. Special solutions are used especially for shredder applications, in which the rotor resistance is continuously adapted to the load conditions.

Soft starter

The electronic EMZ soft starters enable a controlled reduction of the inrush current and the starting torque when starting squirrel cage motors. An example application for the use of soft starters is the operation of fans or pumps. Electronic soft starters relieve the network by avoiding high starting currents.

frequency converter

EMZ offers you multilevel frequency converters for efficient and economical speed control of high drive powers for high voltage motors. In combination with EMZ squirrel cage motors, we supply forward-looking drive solutions that can be used wherever speed and torque have to be transmitted precisely in accordance with the actual requirements.


All EMZ high voltage motors can be equipped with a wide range of accessories:

  • Winding and bearing Pt100
  • SPM measuring nipple
  • Bentley Nevada Vibration Monitoring
  • Standstill heaters
  • Contact thermometer
  • Vibration monitoring 4–20 mA
  • Star point terminal box
  • Current transformer for differential protection
  • Tacho generator
  • Leakage water monitoring
  • Slip ring chamber lighting
  • Pressure switch for filter monitoring

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