EMZ achieves a Record High in 2011

In 2011 EMZ recorded a growth in sales of over 30 per cent more than in the previous year and conclude the fiscal year with a yield of 17.5 million Euros.

This formidable increase in turnover was not achieved solely through the sale of more heavy machinery; the marked boost in sales of low-voltage EKM motors also played a significant role in this success story.

EMZ are one of the largest Solutions’ Partners of Siemens Motors in Germany. Thanks to competent consultation, fast processing of orders and a sound pricing structure, the company could expand the distribution of Siemens motors considerably. The powerful leverage provided by the very favourable economic situation played a part in the remarkable growth.

The outlook for 2012
In light of the debt crisis, it is very difficult to make a forecast for 2012. A national bankruptcy – as could affect Greece, for example – can quickly become a reason for yet another recession. As long as the company are spared such scenarios, the new fiscal year can be greeted with a positive attitude.

Conclusion: from a recession to a solid increase in turnover – everything is possible. However, one tends to expect a slighter growth of the economy. Thanks to a very solid financial position, EMZ are very well equipped to cope with a new recession.

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