Corporate social responsibility

EMZ – this stands not only for Elektro-Maschinen-Zentrale, but also for commitment – togetherness – future. We link our very personal corporate social responsibility with these meaningful nouns.

As an owner-managed family business, we are aware of our social and societal responsibility and, as EMZ, feel obliged to incorporate this into everything we do.

Our primary concern is to support social projects in our region. But EMZ also supports supra-regional associations that work for humanitarian aid.


Based on the personal history of the shareholder family, EMZ is primarily involved in the field of mourning work with children and young people as well as projects that serve to educate and exchange on the topic of death and mourning.

Furthermore, the EMZ offers unbureaucratic financial assistance to families in need of help due to the loss of a parent. Special purchases such as bicycles or computers, or even subsidies for class trips can be made possible in this way.

In addition, EMZ also supports supra-regional associations that are committed to humanitarian aid.


Logo Hospizfreundeskreis Dorsten e.V.
Hospizfreundeskreis Dorsten e.V.

The children’s and young people’s bereavement section of the Hospizfreundeskreis Dorsten accompanies and supports children and young people in the event of the loss of a loved one.

Logo Hilfsorganisation Cap Anamur

Cap Anamur

Cap Anamur has been working in war and crisis zones, after natural disasters and in various emergency situations for over 40 years. Around the globe, doctors, nurses and project staff from the technical and craft sectors are on duty, providing professional and immediate emergency aid.

Logo Hilfsorganisation Save the Children

Save the Children

Save the Children is the largest independent child rights organisation in the world. Save the Children works for a world that respects the rights of children. A world in which all children can live healthy and safe lives and grow up free and self-determined


We consider our togetherness to be the strongest pillar of our corporate success. The respectful treatment and personal development of our employees are important to us. Reconciling family and career is not just a word for us, it is our corporate culture. Flexitime, home office and parental leave, subsidised childcare and flexible working hours when needed, as well as consideration for individual life situations – all this is an integral part of our cooperation.

Summer parties, participation in company runs, joint barbecue afternoons or competition events such as the “EMZ bicycle challenge”, where kilometres were collected together for a good cause, also offer sociable togetherness beyond the daily work routine.

Interest, a goal, something to look forward to, that is the fuel for the human engine.

© Manfred Helfrecht (1936 – 2020, entrepreneur)


Since 2016, our company has been using a paperless office to protect the environment. But like our EMZ climate tree planted in 2021, our environmental awareness continues to grow.

Greenhouse Gas Protocol

The development of the GHG Protocol is coordinated by The World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and serves to balance greenhouse gas emissions. We used the year 2022 to develop our “Corporate Carbon Footprint”. This means that the most important foundation has already been laid for our goal of a company that is as climate-neutral as possible.

Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Climate project “Climate trees”

Our steadily growing climate tree, which was personally planted in a sunny location on the EMZ premises in Recklinghausen in 2021 by our Managing Director Deniz Beese, is already helping to promote climate neutrality.

But we do even more: in addition to our in-house solar power system, we offer home office working to reduce the CO2 emissions caused by business travel. Since 2021, EMZ has been offering “Bike leasing – The Company Bike” in order to reduce CO2 emissions in addition to boosting the health and physical fitness of our employees.

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