SEW-Eurodrive GmbH & Co KG is a German family-owned manufacturer of drive technology based in Bruchsal. When the name SEW is mentioned, the first thing that usually comes up is the term electric motors. That’s right, because those were SEW’s beginnings. In the meantime, the company name stands for much more. Geared motors, gear boxes, motors, components for decentralised installation, electronically controlled drives, mechanical variable speed geared motors, but also drive solutions with a high engineering content.


The VEM Group is an association of electric machine manufacturers consisting of the plants VEM Sachsenwerk GmbH, Dresden; VEM motors GmbH, Wernigerode; VEM motors Thurm GmbH, Zwickau and VEM transresch GmbH, Dresden. VEM is an innovative, internationally active and reliable manufacturer of technically sophisticated system and drive solutions as well as special drives and individual components, with a large proportion of production taking place in Germany. The power range covers 0.06 kilowatts to 60 megawatts.


The abbreviation ABB stands for Asea Brown Boveri and is a leading technology company that is vigorously driving the transformation of society and industry worldwide towards a more productive and sustainable future. ABB’s business activities are divided into four global divisions: Electrification, Industrial Automation, Motion Control, and Robotics and Factory Automation, which in turn are made up of specific divisions focusing on specific industries and product categories. ABB has a successful history of more than 130 years.