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Synchronous & Special motors


Power up to

0.150 kW

Voltage up to

2.000 V

Frequency up to

50 Hz

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Synchronous motors & special designs

Based on the design of the EMZ Compact & Modular series, we offer a variety of special solutions for a wide range of applications. Our motors from the EMZ Heavy-Duty Range, which are specially optimised for use on hammer mills and shredders, deserve special mention. Another of our strengths is the production of retrofit solutions, which are designed to be electrically & mechanically interchangeable with the existing drives and allow our customers a quick and uncomplicated changeover. Furthermore, we supply synchronous motors and explosion-proof ATEX motors.
According to the motto “There’s no such thing as can’t be done”, we realise the most diverse special solutions with our team and can react flexibly to every customer request.

Heavy-Duty Range

The EMZ Heavy-Duty Range is our motor series that is specially optimised for use on hammer mills and shredders. The construction, specially designed for these applications with highly increased vibrations and shock loads, enables safe operation and guarantees the best performance.


Based on a large number of successfully realised projects, we have many years of experience in supplying interchangeable replicas to existing machines. EMZ offers you comprehensive technical advice and support in the conception, the exact recording of the actual condition and the technical implementation of the suitable drive concept. Starting with the development, through the construction, the manufacturing up to the commissioning, we guarantee our customers a convincing quality standard for our products and services.


EMZ synchronous motors are manufactured with brushless electronic excitation as well as with static exciter and slip rings on request. Depending on the installation site, the motors can be supplied with open-circuit ventilation and with a built-on air/air or air/water heat exchanger. Special solutions such as replicas of synchronised slip ring motors are also available on request.


The EMZ motors of the Compact and Modular series can also be manufactured and certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in compliance with the applicable ATEX directives.


All EMZ high voltage motors can be equipped with a wide range of accessories:

  • Winding and bearing Pt100
  • SPM measuring nipple
  • Bentley Nevada Vibration Monitoring
  • Standstill heaters
  • Contact thermometer
  • Vibration monitoring
    4–20 mA
  • Star point terminal box
  • Current transformer for differential protection
  • Tacho generator
  • Leakage water monitoring
  • Slip ring chamber lighting
  • Pressure switch for filter monitoring

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