Squirrel cage & slip ring motors


Power up to

0.150 kW

Voltage up to

2.000 V

Frequency up to

50 Hz

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Modular three-phase motors

The EMZ Modular series is the power pack in the EMZ production portfolio. Based on a welded stator housing design, this robust motor series is designed for the toughest applications in heavy industry. With outputs of up to 20,000 kW and efficient cooling systems, these drives offer an optimal price-performance ratio.

The squirrel cage motors of the Modular series are available for mains operation, and also for speed-controlled use as complete drive packages with frequency converters. The slip ring motors are manufactured with matching rotor starters for fixed speed operation and variable speed starters for variable speed operation.

IC 611/616/666

Modular EMZ motors with cooling types IC 611/616/666 have a built-on air/air heat exchanger in which the heat loss is transferred from the internal cooling air to the external cooling air via two separate cooling circuits. With cooling type IC 611, the external fan is mounted directly on the shaft and conveys the cooling air through the cooling tubes of the heat exchanger at the motor speed. With cooling type IC616, this task is taken over by a forced ventilation unit that works independently of the motor speed and makes the motors suitable for variable speed applications. With the use of a further forced ventilation unit for the internal cooling air circuit, cooling type IC666 can be realised.

IC 81W/86W

Motors with the highly efficient cooling types IC 81W/86W are designed similarly to drives with cooling types IC 611/616/666, but differ from these in that they have a built-on air/water heat exchanger. In the heat exchanger, the heat loss from the internal cooling air is transferred via a cooling cassette to an external water cooling system. With an additional forced ventilation unit for the internal cooling air, the IC 86W cooling type is also optimally suited for speed-controlled operation on a frequency converter.

IC 01/11/21/31

EMZ motors with cooling types IC01/11/21/31 are predestined for indoor applications and with clean ambient air. Due to the highly efficient open-circuit ventilation, the heat loss is dissipated directly at the active parts and transported out of the motor interior. With external supply and exhaust air ducts, cooling type IC31 can be implemented so that these powerful drives can also be used in dusty environments.


All EMZ high voltage motors can be equipped with a wide range of accessories:

  • Winding and bearing Pt100
  • SPM measuring nipple
  • Bentley Nevada Vibration Monitoring
  • Standstill heaters
  • Contact thermometer
  • Vibration monitoring
    4–20 mA
  • Star point terminal box
  • Current transformer for differential protection
  • Tacho generator
  • Leakage water monitoring
  • Slip ring chamber lighting
  • Pressure switch for filter monitoring

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