Chemical industry concern, Germany

Compressor drive:

Design: B3 | Power: 3.250 kW | Voltage: 6.000 V | Speed: 1.489 rpm | Protection class: IP 55 | Cooling type: IC 611 | Weight: 8.450 kg

After a breakdown of an compressor drive, the EMZ could find a replacement for an well-known chemical industry concern in a short time with an high-voltage motor in stock. In order to be able to install the 3250kW motor in the plant without customer modifications and to guarantee a continuous operation of at least 8.700 hours, the EMZ workshop team received various modifications for this project.

The necessary adjustments included converting the terminal box position from the right to the left side, changing the direction of rotation of the motor by replacing the external fan, supplying a central relubrication device with flow monitors, and installing active vibration sensors. The mechanical adaption was made by using a base frame specially made for this application, which was constructed at the customer’s request, including a complete static analysis based on the FEM calculations.

The assembly and the laser-assisted alignment of the high-voltage motor together with the base frame as well as the final commissioning of the drive was carried out to the complete satisfaction of our customer by the EMZ service team.

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