Tandem drive with double starter as a retrofit solution


Type: AKL | Rated power: 2x 1250 kW | Voltage: 6000 V | Frequency: 50 Hz | Speed: 990 rpm | Protection type: IP 55 | Cooling type: IC 611

Double starter:

Type: 3FDA | Power: 2x 1250 kW | Electrode connections: 2x 1000A | Capacity: 3000 litres

A powerful EMZ tandem drive has been in operation at an Austrian cement plant since 2023. The EMZ motors, each with a rated power of 1250 kW, are replacing two 50-year-old mill drives, which were causing increasing downtimes. The new motors were adapted to the existing foundations by using base frames from the EMZ metal construction workshop, so that the new motors are completely interchangeable and no conversion work had to be carried out. The two slip ring motors are started up by a new, efficient EMZ double starter. Installation and commissioning were carried out in close cooperation between the plant technicians and the EMZ service team, so that the main mill was back in operation after just a few days and operational reliability is guaranteed in long term.

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