Powerful fan drive for the production of MDF panels


Manufacturer: EMZ | Type: AKL | Power: 2800 kW | Voltage: 690 V | Frequency: 50 Hz | Speed: 746 rpm | Protection class: IP 55 | Cooling type: IC 611

Frequency converter:

Manufacturer: CG/Emotron | Type: FDU69 | Power: 3200 kW | Voltage: 690 V | Protection class: IP 54

A powerful 2800 kW fan drive has been in successful operation in Kaluga, Russia since 2021. The EMZ motor with a rated voltage of 690 V is efficiently controlled by a CG Drives & Automation / Emotron FDU69 frequency converter, which was also supplied by EMZ. The fan is used to dry finely milled wood fibres and feed them into the production process. These fibres are pressed into MDF panels under pressure and increased temperature. Thanks to the speed-controlled drive, the feed can be flexibly adapted to the production quantity. This innovative drive concept ensures maximum operational reliability and plays a key role in the production of high-quality MDF panels.

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