4000 HP shredder drive from the EMZ high-performance range is ready for delivery!

In snowy February, after a successful final test, another special motor from the EMZ Heavy-Duty-Range left the large machine test field of the EMZ in Recklinghausen. After delivery to the customer in Spain, this 4.000 HP strong slip ring rotor is installed on an existing shredder system and is coupled directly to the 40t shredder rotor via a cardan shaft.

This motor is an extremely robust and vibration-proof special construction that is designed for mechanical vibrations of up to 28mm / s. In conjunction with a liquid starter, which is characterized by highly dynamic control and positioning properties, this drive concept works extremely efficiently.

Slip ring motor:

Make: ASD | Performance: 2,942 kW (4,000 HP) | Voltage: 6,000 V | Frequency: 50 Hz | Speed: 595 rpm | Safety Class: IP 24 | Cooling System: IC 11

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