EMZ boat trip

Every year, the EMZ staff looks forward to the company’s summer festivity. The maritime theme for this year’s social gathering involved a boat trip and almost everyone was, literally, on board: EMZ, cast off!

An interesting guided tour at the ship lift Henrichenburg, located near Datteln, marked the beginning of the trip. Afterwards, the EMZ crew was welcomed at the passenger ship. The passage to the city harbor of Recklinghausen took about two and a half hours. During this boat trip, the management seized the opportunity to honor two employees for their long employment with the company. Rainer Digger has now been employed for 25 years as one of our painters, and Michael Roszak who is now representative head of the workshop has been a part of the EMZ team for 40 years. Following a sunny afternoon on board with music, delicious food and beverages the EMZ crew then happily headed off back home after a long and eventful day.

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