EMZ is showing four top exhibits at the world’s largest industrial fair

Four new and individually modified exhibits were presented at the Hannover Fair 2017.

The large high-voltage motor and the three low-voltage motors arouse a lot of interest among the visitors. Stefan Beese, EMZ owner, draws a positive conclusion after five days at the fair.
„We are very pleased with the enormous number of new contacts and congenial discussions with many longtime customers”. Many people visited the EMZ booth H02 in Hall 14, where more than 130 companies exhibited around 500 products. The traditional family business from Recklinghausen presented this year’s trade fair motto “Innovations 2017”, on the one hand, with its large high-voltage slip ring rotor with 1,400 kW power. This motor is used, among other fields, in the cement industry and served as a real eye-catcher on the test stand, where it was vertically suspended. In addition, EMZ also presented three low-voltage motors: the IE4 motor from the EMZ’s own brand emblem, an EMK brake motor and an EMK IE3 motor for zone 22 (protected against dust explosions).

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