EMZ supplies slip ring motor

EMZ supplies 10380 kW slip ring motor for a cement plant in Turkey

The modular slip ring motor is designed as frame size 1000mm and is supplied together with a base frame. Our solution replaces an existing drive in the frame size 1500mm. The whole motor construction is 100% exchangeable, so that the commissioning could take place in short time without any conversion measures. You can see the successful start of the cement mill here. Due to severe damage of the existing engine during the production phase of the replacement, the delivery date had to be shortened by 14 weeks. Thanks to the excellently implemented special measures and the smooth manufacturing process, our EMZ Service Team was able to successfully put the 46,000 kg heavy drive into operation in June 2019. Since this project is the largest motor ever delivered by EMZ, we can be even more proud of ourselves for having delivered such a large engine in such a short time.

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