Express delivery for a power plant in North Rhine Westphalia

On a Friday afternoon in a power plant in the heart of the Ruhr region, a sudden failure of a 1,080 kW motor weighing six tons occurred. The Recklinghausen-based company, EMZ, came to the rescue and repaired the damage in just under 24 hours.

The unusual high-voltage motor with its output of 1,080 kW operates a pump on the industrial site. A prolonged failure of this engine would have meant a partial shutdown of the power plant. Thus, it was vital to find a solution as fast as possible. Mr Stefan Beese, the Managing Director of EMZ, told us: “Our service personnel were on site within an hour to collect all the technical data and to find a solution together with the operator.” EMZ had a suitable motor in stock and it was adapted to the specific requirements in EMZ’s workshop, fitted immediately on site and put into operation.

At EMZ, deliveries at short notice are part of day-to-day business. Mr Stefan Beese went on to explain: “Our customers know that, in the event of a failure, they can rely on us to arrange a quick replacement. It is not just about the reliable delivery of a product; technical advice and the possibility of adapting motors in EMZ’s own workshop to suit the customer’s requirements at short notice are equally important.”

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