Large-scale order about 70 low-voltage motors for paper mill

Since formal order completion in 2021, EMZ will deliver in total 70 low-voltage motors to a company in the paper industry (separated into two partial deliveries). The two recently delivered EMK motors with a nominal capacity of 710 kW (6-pole, construction form IM V1) are used to drive a so-called pulper. In the paper industry a pulper is a machine that is used for crushing virgin pulp (slabs or sheets), wastepaper processing, deinking and pulp purification. The fibre disintegrates by the action of mechanical operation.

Facts & Figures:

Make: EMK | Power: 710 kW | Voltage: 690 V | Speed: 1,000 rpm. | Protection class: IP 55 | Size: l 180 x h 270 x w 150 cm | Weight: 5,400 kg

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