EMZ supplies 5,300 kW compressor drive to a manufacturer of technical gases after breakdown

High-voltage squirrel-cage motor:

Make: ABB | Performance: 5,300 kW | Voltage: 6,100 V | Frequency: 50Hz | Speed: 1,490 rpm | Protection type: IP 23 | Cooling system: IC01

The breakdown of a compressor drive stopped the production of a new air separation plant in Austria.

Fortunately, EMZ was able to offer a 5,300kW squirrel-cage motor from stock. The motor could be modified and delivered within a fortnight. In co-operation with the operator and the manufacturer of the compressor, all data were gathered for the starting-up sequence calculation. A detailed calculation of the complete drive train was made as well, to reduce all possible risks before the installation. Our EMZ service personnel supported the customer upon installation and commissioning so that the operator could promptly continue with the production.

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