EMZ supplies two rolling mill drives to a steel plant in Peru

2 pieces Slip-ring motors:

Manufacturer: EMZ | Power: 1.480 kW | Voltage: 4.160 V | Speed: 512 rpm. | Protection class: IP55
Manufacturer: EMZ | Power: 1.800 kW | Voltage: 13.200 V | Speed: 714 rpm. | Protection class: IP55

EMZ France SARL had the chance to supply two slip‐ring motors to a steel plant in Peru.

For the very hard rolling mill usage, the design has to fulfill the solidly built nature of these motors. In addition, we have met the customer’s requirements that the two motors are electrically and mechanically interchangeable

to the locally installed machines.

Electrically and mechanically interchangeable

Special construction for rolling mill use

Identical position for stator and rotor connection

Special version for 13.200 V stator with a voltage surge suppressor and pulse counter

Final acceptance with a test run in the new EMC test area together with our customer

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