Express delivery for a power plant in North Rhine Westphalia

Three-phase high-voltage squirrel-cage motor:

Brand: Siemens | Output: 1.080 kW | Voltage: 6.000 V | Speed: 2.986 U/min. | Safety class: IP 55 | Cooling system: IC 411 | Weight: 6.000 kg

On a Friday afternoon in a power plant in the heart of the Ruhr region, a sudden failure of a 1,080 kW motor weighing six tons occurred. The Recklinghausen-based company, EMZ, came to the rescue and repaired the damage in just under 24 hours. The unusual high-voltage motor with its output of 1,080 kW operates a pump on the industrial site.
A prolonged failure of this engine would have meant a partial shutdown of the power plant. Thus, it was vital to find a solution as fast as possible. Mr Stefan Beese, the Managing Director of EMZ, told us: “Our service personnel were on site within an hour to collect all the technical data and to find a solution together with the operator.” EMZ had a suitable motor in stock and it was adapted to the specific requirements in EMZ’s workshop, fitted immediately on site and put into operation.

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