New soft starter for metal scrap shredder

Soft starter for metal scrap shredder

Manufacturer: AuCom | Type: MVE-0200-V06 | Voltage: 6600 V | Rated current: 250A

EMZ has successfully integrated a new AuCom MVE-0200-V06 soft starter into a powerful metal scrap shredder. By precisely regulating of the starting process, the modern soft starter enables a smooth and controlled start-up of the shredder drive. In this way, despite the very high external mass moment of inertia of the shredder system, the mains load during start-up is significantly reduced. And with the help of a Profinet interface, the soft starter could be fully integrated into the existing system, enabling intelligent monitoring of the drive in real time.

This cost-effective solution is ideal for optimising existing systems with squirrel cage motors, which were previously operated directly from the mains.

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