Osmosis plant, Malta

Three-phase squirrel-cage rotor:

Make: EMZ | Power: 450 kW | Voltage: 6.000 V | Frequency: 50 Hz | Speed: 2.985 rpm | Protection class: IP 55 | Cooling type: IC 611

At the beginning of July, EMZ delivered two 450kW pump drives to the Mediterranean island of Malta. The two identical motors are used in a seawater treatment plant there to ensure a sufficient supply of drinking water for the island. Therefore, the reliability of these motors has a very high priority for the customer. The motors replace two aging drives, so that the design of the new motors had to pay close attention to electrotechnical and mechanical specifications. In addition, at the customer’s request, the motors were designed with a C5-M paint finish for salty ambient air and an ambient temperature of up to 50°C. In addition, the motors were fitted with noise protection hoods so that the maximum sound pressure level is 90dB(a).

EMZ is proud to make an important contribution to the drinking water supply of the people on the island of Malta.

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