Shredder plant manufacturer, Germany

Three-phase squirrel-cage rotor:

Make: AKK | Power: 499 kW (700 HP) | Voltage: 400 V | Frequency: 50 Hz | Speed: 593 rpm | Protection class: IP 55 | Cooling type: IC 511

Frequency converter in control cabinet:

Make: VFX | Power: 1,120 kW | Voltage: 400 V | Protection class: IP 54

In April 2021, another shredder motor from the EMZ Heavy-Duty Range was completed. The special design is specially designed for the operation of a shredder for metal scrap and was delivered to the renowned German shredder plant manufacturer Albert Hoffmann GmbH. The EMZ scope of supply includes the Emotron variable speed drive, suitably designed for this application, from CG Drives & Automation Germany GmbH, with whom EMZ has enjoyed a successful and competitive cooperation in the field of large drives for several years. Like the EMZ motor, the Emotron variable speed drive is designed for the torque loads that occur at intervals and adjusts the speed of the drive accordingly. In addition, the motor, which is directly coupled to the shredder via a cardan shaft, is designed to withstand vibrations up to 28mm/s thanks to its very robust and vibration-resistant design.

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