2,200 kW three-phase squirrel-cage rotor for a speed-regulated converter drive

Three-phase high-voltage squirrel-cage rotor:

Brand: EMZ | Output: 2.200 kW | Voltage: 690 V | Speed: 1.784 rpm. | Safety class: IP55 | Cooling system: IC86W7 | Weight: 6.100 kg

A 2,200 kW squirrel-cage rotor, intended for use as a speed-controlled converter drive for a compressor test bench owned by a renowned German plant manufacturer, was accepted and delivered. Because of the requirement for a wide speed-manipulating range, the motor was constructed with an air/water heat exchanger with additional external fans for the internal cooling air circuit. Special insulation of the stator winding Insulated rolling bearings on the NDE side Delivery with rotary pulse encoder Water cooler for an increased operating pressure of 9 bar.

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