3,500 kW ball-mill drive for a cement plant in England

Three-phase high-voltage slip-ring motor:

Brand: EMZ | Output: 3.500 kW | Voltage: 11.000 V | Speed: 992 rpm. | Safety class: IP55 | Cooling system: IC611 | Weight: 19.800 kg

EMZ delivered a 3,500 kW high-voltage slip-ring motor to England as a mill drive for a cement ball mill. The motor replaced an existing drive and is designed to be electrically and mechanically interchangeable. Identical installation dimensions/Identical terminal-box position Identical position of the connecting bolts for stator and rotor connection Delivery with Rogowski coils for partial discharge measurement Installation and start-up by EMZ personnel in England Recording of start-up behaviour with a four-channel plotter and optimisation of the starter settings.

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