Breakdown of a 4,400 kW ball mill drive in Poland

Three-phase high-voltage slip-ring induction motor:

Brand: EMZ | Output: 4.400 kW | Voltage: 6.300 V | Speed: 993 rpm. | Safety class: IP55 | Cooling system: IC611 | Weight: 16.600 kg

After the breakdown of a ball mill drive in a cement plant in Poland, EMZ was able to supply a brand new replacement motor from stock. The picture shows three available slip-ring induction motors ready for dispatch from our stock in Recklinghausen. The state-of-the-art design and minimum overall size of the motor made it possible for the operating company to install it on the existing foundation. Owing to the small frame size of our motors, the end client was able to install it on the existing foundatin.

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