Cement plant, North Africa

three-phase slip-ring motor:

Manufacturer: EMZ | Power: 3,600 kW | Voltage: 5,500 V | Speed: 495 rpm | Protection class: IP 55 | Cooling method: IC 26 | Weight motor: 19,500 kg / separate air bonnet with forced cooling fans: 1,500 kg

EMZ was once again able to prevail in a strong international competition and win a tender for a 3,600 kW three-phase slip-ring motor to drive a ball mill in a cement plant in North Africa.

The motor is designed as an electrically and mechanically interchangeable reserve motor, so that the motor can be installed on the existing foundations without any adjustments. The special challenge in the design of the slip-ring motor was the limited crane capacity of 20t at the site. Only by using high-quality materials, an electrical design with low losses and optimised efficiency could the EMZ meet the customer’s individual requirements. After a successful test run in the EMZ test field in Recklinghausen, the large mill drive with a torque of no less than 69,500 Nm was seaworthily packed and sent on a journey to North Africa.

The delivery for this customer included two further slip-ring motors with an output of 300 kW and 1,700 kW, which are also electrically and mechanically interchangeable with the motors on site.

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