Cement plant, Turkey

High-voltage slip-ring motor:

Power: 4.000 kW | Voltage: 6.000 V | Frequency: 5-60 Hz | Speed: 100 – 1.200 rpm | Protection class: IP 55 | Cooling type: IC 611

In February 2015, our subsidiary EMZ France Sarl received an urgent inquiry for a delivery at short notice. A Turkish cement plant requested a 4,000kW squirrel-cage motor that had to be suitable for the operation at a high-voltage frequency converter running within a speed range between 100 and 1,200rpm. Actually, we had one brand new slip-ring motor available from stock that matched the required specification and was ready for prompt delivery. After consultation and technical clarification with our customer, we have short-circuited the rotor winding and modified the machine for the operation at the frequency converter. The motor was delivered in mid-March 2015 after it successfully passed the acceptance test that was witnessed by our customer. The commissioning of the motor and the frequency converter took place at the end of March driving a new dust exhauster.

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