Cement plant, Australia

Slip ring motor:

Make: EMZ | Power: 2.000 kW | Voltage: 11.000 V | Frequency: 50 Hz | Speed: 989 rpm | Protection class: IP 54 | Cooling type: IC 611

In April 2021, EMZ supplied a 2 MW mill drive to an Australian cement plant.

The slip ring motor was produced to customer specifications and 100% mechanically and electrically interchangeable with the existing mill drive. It was equipped with a carbon brush lifting device to reduce the previously high maintenance effort and wear of the carbon brush. In addition, almost all existing measuring and safety equipment were installed to ensure maximum operational reliability. Besides to surge capacitors and current transformers, coupling capacitors for continuous online partial discharge measurements and an arc monitoring system for the slip ring chamber were installed.

As it was not possible for the customer to participate in the final acceptance of the motor in person due to the pandemic-related travel restrictions, the final test run was performed in the test field of the EMZ and was transmitted directly to Australia via live streaming. In this way, the customer was able to accompany the acceptance directly and the order was successfully completed.

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